Feds Seize Over 185 Counterfeit Guitars in NJ

We all know how common counterfeit goods have been in the past but it really does seem like their demand is on the rise. Even though, in the past most of these fake items were common in the fashion industry where you could buy branded clothes, shoes and accessories for an affordable price, recently it can be easily noticed that this is spreading to the music industry as well.

A wide range of musical instruments and accessories can now be bought for an affordable price, which can be great for some of us. But just remember that while you might be delighted on the day you bought the item, you won’t be so pleased when the item breaks or stops functioning within as soon as a few weeks.

Lots of guitars have been seized in NJ.

Regardless of this, some evidence of the spread of counterfeit virus to other industries is the fact that the US Customs and Border Protection Agency in New Jersey seized a huge range of musical instruments and replicas.

Some of the instruments seized included acoustic guitars, which can be very expensive. In comparison, some of the Chinese replicas can be bought for as low as a couple of hundred bucks. This can not only undermine the years of hard work carried out by the original brand but also lead to losses for American businesses, which I’m sure none of us want!

Either way, the fact that a massive shipment has just been seized suggests one thing. It suggests that our country is being riddled with fake items and we must be extra cautious when purchasing pretty much anything and everything!

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