Review of the Electrohome Vintage Record Player

The Electrohome Winston vintage record player has been well received by many classical music fans. The wood cabinet simply looks stunning and is made of real wood. Honestly speaking, this turntable looks a lot more expensive that it actually is. I’ve seen products that cost over $250 which don’t look as good as the Electrohome Winston. Remember, this turntable costs less than $120, which is far too low considering its premium design.

The Electrohome Winston is an excellent vintage record player.

In my opinion, this vintage turntable will complement your home really well, and will bring back all of those memories from the past. That’s not all though, because there is radio tuner that gives off a very classical design. The analog radio dial is actually backlit, which not only makes it easier to see the controls in the dark but also gives it an even more realistic look.

The Best Vintage Record Player under $150

Electrohome have done well to create a product that looks great, has most of the essential features and is within the $150 price range. It’s got a 3-in-1-turntable system, and can play vinyl records and CDs. Or, if you prefer the radio, you can turn on that option instead. It doesn’t have a built-in Bluetooth function but what do you expect at this price? Instead, it has an auxiliary input so you can easily connect your iPhone or smartphone and listen to all of your music.

The stereo speakers that are built-in sound pretty good. This is due to the room filling hi-fi sound technology, and because the speakers are housed in a wood acoustic cabinet. This leads to excellent audio performance, and we were very impressed by the sound quality when we tested this product.

Audio Features to Improve Performance

Electrohome have gotten very creative with this product in their quest to make an affordable vintage record players that offer excellent sound quality. For example, they have used a ceramic needle that is “Diamond tipped” in their turntable, which in turn leads to even better audio performance.

The needle might not seem like something that will make a difference in terms of sound quality but actually, research has shown that a ceramic needle can help create a more natural and warm tone. We were curious to see if this “Diamond” could possibly damage the album but after trying a number of different albums for a couple of days, we noticed absolutely no difference.

The turntable is completely automatic and can spin all types of records. Whether you have got 7, 10 or 12-inch records, they will all work without issues. More importantly, you can choose from a range of different speeds, including 33 1/3, 45 & 78 RPM. These 2 aspects combines ensure that you can enjoy you’re a range of different vinyl collections without issues.

We have established that the sound created by this vintage record player is excellent but we also realize that some people prefer to listen to their music collection more privately. For those people, there is a built-in 3.5mm headphone jack so you can plug in your favorite headphones and listen in peace.

Is the Electrohome Winston Worth the Money?

I think Electrohome have done really well with this product. Even an average vintage record player will cost you more than $120, so I wasn’t expecting much from the Electrohome Winston when I first saw it. However, I was blown away by the beautiful design and the excellent sound quality. Having had this vintage turntable for a couple of weeks now, I can say that it looks like something that cost $300 and features crystal clear sound quality. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves classical music.


Alibaba, Microsoft agree to crack down on Counterfeit Software

It’s actually unbelievable how far some people go to trick people in order to make money. If making counterfeit products in the fashion and electronics industry was difficult, imagine the software industry.

The truth is that you can even buy pirated software for a much cheaper price nowadays. As I’ve said before, I love a bargain but I’m very cautious about buying things like this because of the dangers associated. If you have a brand new computer or a laptop and unknowingly install pirated software then in most of the cases, you should be fine. But, there is a small chance that your plan might backfire. What if something happens to your brand new laptop? You certainly won’t be able to return it.

Counterfeit software has become quite popular lately.

All of this has spread to massive companies like Alibaba who have finally decided to team up with software giants Microsoft to crack down on pirated software. Generally, most people will easily be able to bypass even the tightest controls but at least something is being done now.
Not only will both of these companies adopt strict anti-counterfeit measures, they also aim to tell us how to avoid such fraud. Identifying pirated software can be quite a challenge so it will be interesting to see what kind of tips they have to offer us.


Feds Seize Over 185 Counterfeit Guitars in NJ

We all know how common counterfeit goods have been in the past but it really does seem like their demand is on the rise. Even though, in the past most of these fake items were common in the fashion industry where you could buy branded clothes, shoes and accessories for an affordable price, recently it can be easily noticed that this is spreading to the music industry as well.

A wide range of musical instruments and accessories can now be bought for an affordable price, which can be great for some of us. But just remember that while you might be delighted on the day you bought the item, you won’t be so pleased when the item breaks or stops functioning within as soon as a few weeks.

Lots of guitars have been seized in NJ.

Regardless of this, some evidence of the spread of counterfeit virus to other industries is the fact that the US Customs and Border Protection Agency in New Jersey seized a huge range of musical instruments and replicas.

Some of the instruments seized included acoustic guitars, which can be very expensive. In comparison, some of the Chinese replicas can be bought for as low as a couple of hundred bucks. This can not only undermine the years of hard work carried out by the original brand but also lead to losses for American businesses, which I’m sure none of us want!

Either way, the fact that a massive shipment has just been seized suggests one thing. It suggests that our country is being riddled with fake items and we must be extra cautious when purchasing pretty much anything and everything!


How to Avoid Buying Fake Stuff on eBay?

With the popularity of counterfeit products higher than ever, pretty much anyone can unknowingly purchase fake stuff on marketplaces like eBay. To be honest, these places have slowly become riddled with such products so you need to be alert to avoid making a bad purchase!

But it’s so difficult to do this so how is it possible to check every aspect before buying anything on eBay? I’ll be giving you a few tips to help you to do this!

Here are some tips to help avoid buying counterfeit electronics on eBay.

If you have any suspicions regarding a particular product, then eBay allows you to flag it, which will quickly remove that listing. Obviously you need to make sure that you are doing the right thing rather than getting a poor innocent seller on the road to a ban!

Generally, you shouldn’t buy anything that you have never seen before. For example, if you’re looking at a designer bag then go visit the store and check out the features, marks, color and the structure before comparing with the eBay listing. This would ensure that you identify any differences immediately. One thing I would like to mention regarding this is the price. When looking at the price of designer products, the entire transaction may seem too good to be true and it usually is. I mean think about it, why would anyone sell you a $1000 handbag for 600 bucks? So be careful when it comes to these types of circumstances!

Make sure you ask the seller lots of questions as well. For example, ask them for more pictures which are zoomed in to see more detail of the material. Ask them if they have a proof of purchase and examine how they react.

Check what the seller’s feedback looks like. Have they got any negative feedback and if so, do the comments mention the quality of the items being sold. Usually, when a seller has a huge quantity of the same expensive product that should have alarm bells ringing in your head!

If you notice anything that doesn’t seem right then make sure that you avoid that product!


My Turn to Review the Xiaomi Piston 3.0 Earphones

The Xiaomi brand is quite new, having been found only a few years back. Since then, it has won many hearts due to the overall excellent quality and a very affordable price. One of their products that has made it big is the Piston series of in-ear headphones. Once again, this is due to the combination of a superb price and awesome sound. But the durability factor has contributed massively too. After all, how difficult is it to find sturdy earbuds? It’s very difficult!

Since the release of the very first Pistons, we’ve had a couple of updates with the 3.0 being the more recent one. While handling these Pistons, you can easily observe the durability of these earbuds. The cord is braided and covered with a tough Kevlar material. The rest of the material used to construct this isn’t just plastic. In fact, metal has also been used to make the Piston 3.0s.

The sound quality is pretty impressive too with the lows and mids being very impressive indeed. The sound in general is very balanced and the bass is satisfying without being overly powerful. The inclusion of earplug sizes in extra small, small and large will be very useful for most users.

If all these qualities are great then what’s even greater is the shockingly low price of around 20 bucks!


Are these the Best Earbuds Under 40 Bucks?

So many people struggle when looking for headphones. This is not particularly true for in-ear style as there are thousands of products that cost next to nothing. The problem with buying these is that they will probably stop working within a few days. This is especially because of the rise of cheap Chinese products that mainly concentrate on the price rather than the durability.

This means that there are very few affordable decent earbuds that one can buy. One of these is the Brainwavz Delta earbuds. This is a relatively new product but has achieved quite a lot of success in no time at all. A lot of people consider the Delta to be the best pair of earbuds under 40 bucks.

The Brainwavz Deltas are possibly the best earbuds under $40.

But what makes them so special? The main thing is that they’re one of very few cheap earbuds that don’t actually sound cheap. On top of this, there is an inline microphone and the earbuds don’t seem to be prone to breaking.

When buying earphones, a person must place a huge amount of importance on the fitting and these Deltas meet these requirements. We only get 3 different sizes of earplugs but there is an extra pair of foam tips. The fitting seems to be quite good in general though.